Unicom Grafix . . . Serving small, medium and large businesses throughout the Southwest, and beyond, with a large variety of quality products and services for over 48 years. We have remained committed to serving our clients with fast turnaround, high quality and fair prices. You can rest assured when you make Unicom Grafix your first and last choice for all of your printing needs.

We are a "Full Service" business offering complete printing services under one roof. In our 18,000 square foot facility, we produce virtually every type of printed product you need. Whether it's sheetfed printing of brochures, posters, mailers, envelopes or it's labels, business forms and checks...large or small...we do it all.
Come and see why Unicom Grafix is your link to quality printing at wholesale prices. We have been helping businesses, like yours, succeed with high quality, four-color, offset printing as well as direct mail services since 1962.

Our pre-press department is fully staffed with experienced typesetters and graphic designers ready to create all of your marketing pieces right here under your direction. Meet with our Creative Director and watch your ideas come to life under his expert care.
Whether you call them labels or stickers . . . Unicom Grafix makes them by the MILLIONS.
From the Produce Industry to the Electronics Industry, we can provide beautiful, full color packaging labels or demanding UL Certified labels for critical applications. Die-cut labels on rolls, sheets or even fan-folded computer labels will look better when produced by professionals on our specialized equipment. Call us today to see how inexpensive your label projects can be.
Unicom Grafix . . . Leading the way in Tucson with the fastest ENVELOPE press on the market. While the average small press produces 2500 envelopes per hour, our JET press blows away the competition by printing one or two color, one sided envelopes at speeds around 50,000 per hour and one or two color, two sided envelopes at speeds around 30,000 per hour. With edge to edge printing capability, we can quickly produce the most demanding envelopes at prices to meet even the tightest budgets. From the smallest to the largest envelopes, our specialized equipment handles it all.
Brochures and Flyers . . . Excellent marketing tools designed to attract attention and promote new business opportunities! Unicom Grafix features a multitude of paper stocks, coating and folding options to accommodate your specific needs. A glossy full-color brochure, sell sheet or flyer is a sure-fire way to showcase your business or product. Brochures can be used to build an image for your company, promote an event, update product specs, or for a hundred other purposes. In the Age of the Internet, professional printing of a 4-color, glossy brochure helps to distinguish your company from the rest.

Multi-Page and Custom Brochure Design . . . Having trouble turning your ideas into reality? Unicom Grafix can create a dynamic marketing piece just for you. After all, if you can't tell your customers about your business . . . who will? Don't leave your brochure to chance or cut corners just to "Get it out there" and then hope it connects with your prospects. Talk to one of our expert pre-press teams about creating a quality, full-color, company brochure you will be proud of. A brochure that gets results. Wondering about paper choices, sizes, folding, ink colors, design, files, images, mailing and a myriad of other variables? We can help you create a professional, full-color brochure that gets results so you can focus on running your business. Just give us a call at 800-999-5791.
1962 . . .Unicom Grafix opened their doors offering business forms to the Tucson community.
1982 . . .Unicom Grafix became the only Tucson printer offering continuous computer forms in addition to our regular snap-a-part forms. Today, Unicom Grafix still offers snap-a-part forms as well as continuous computer forms, both at competitive pricing to rival any of the national companies. Unicom Grafix knows forms and our staff, with over 100 years combined experience, will be happy to produce all of your business documents to your satisfaction.

Whether you need INVOICES, LASER CHECKS, WORK ORDERS, PACKING SLIPS or any other single sheet or multi-part form, Unicom Grafix can produce them quickly and inexpensively. You will also enjoy free delivery within the metropolitan Tucson area.
Unicom Grafix . . . offers a comprehensive selection of affordable business checks. We understand the importance of having the correct type of check to help you run your business more effectively. From Accounts Payable to Multi-Purpose to Payroll Checks, Unicom Grafix has the affordable check designs that are perfect for your needs. Whether your company uses Laser Checks, continuous feed Computer Checks or Multi-Part Checks we make them all. Your choice of a variety of existing designs or we can create a unique background design just for you.

Concerned about security? Let's face it, in the fast moving business environment of today security issues should always be first and foremost in our minds. Unicom Grafix addresses those issues with many features incorporated into our check designs. From VOID backgrounds, WATERMARKS, MICROPRINTING and a myriad of additional security features you can rest easy, your peace of mind is assured. Contact your service representative for further details.